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Tours to Roraima are big business. Nearly all the tour operators in Ciudad Bolivar, Ciudad Guayana and Santa Elena de Uairen offer trips. You should be aware of the following before booking one:

  • Tours from Santa Elena are cheaper than those starting in the Orinocan cities.

  • You should only attempt the trek independently if you have all the correct equipment. It's often preferable and easier to let a tour operator deal with the logistical headaches involved...

  • If you're going on your own, food is cheaper along the Orinoco than in Santa Elena. In Santa Elena, share a taxi to the frontier market over the border in Brazil, where it's cheaper (you don't need to stamp/visa your passport, but you will need proof of a yellow fever jab, or have to get one there and then).

  • Ask to meet the guide who will actually take you. Check his language skills and ask to see his guide credentials (they should all have these, though it's no guarantee of experience or expertise).

  • Beware of sub-contracting. Many companies use clandestine transport and guides to cut costs or fit in more tourists. Responsibility, and insurance liability, therefore suffers.

  • Ask to see equipment, especially tents before signing. Check how old it looks. Ask for a formal receipt for any deposit you leave for equipment.

I'm reluctant to list every single tour operator, for the simple reason that I haven't checked them all out, or don't have personal experience of them all. But please contact the advertisers, Lost World Adventures and Natoura Adventure Tours, for prices and details of their tours.


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