chinak meru (aponwao)

Chinak Meru (more commonly known as Aponwao) is an impressive 100-metre waterfall near the village of Liwo Riwo. It is one of the most visited attractions in the Park. Getting to the village is easy from the main road from the Luepa crossroads to Kavanayen. The turnoff to the left is marked. Once you get to the village, ask a local to guide you to the falls. You need to take a boat across the river and there will be a charge for the whole trip. On the tour you are taken to the top of the falls and then down to the bottom (left). From there it's a short walk to a refreshing bathing pool.

Please do not resent having to take a guide or payment. In 1995, there was a terrible accident when a boat full of tourists went over the falls. The guide is there for your safety, and also to tell you about the place you are visiting. Ask him or her what they know. The villagers of Liwo Riwo have had to adapt rapidly to the mass of tourists coming to the village. Numbers can reach up to 3,000 a month in peak season. They are currently engaged in a programme to improve the tourist infrastructure in the village


Villagers of Liwo Riwo engaged in the EcoNatura programme in April 1997. Boys at play...

There aren't any lodges in the village, only camping areas. There is a decent restaurant run by a friendy woman. Ask for the captain of the village or an elder if you want to find out more about their projects. The village has its own legend which most village boys will be glad to tell.

Dominic Hamilton -- Chinak Meru