kukenan (matawi) tepuy

Kukenan Tepuy is the second highest tepuy in the region (2,680m) and is sister to Roraima. It's proper name is Matawi, which means place to die in Pemon. Legend tells that disgraced warriors would throw themselves from its summit. Matawi is also regarded as the more threatening or evil of the two tepuis. It is much harder to climb and in 1997 a young boy lost his life somewhere on its surface. His body was never found.

From Matawi's southwestern flank falls Kamaivak Meru which, at 810 metres, is one of the tallest cataracts in the world. There is an overhang cave at the base of the mountain which makes a great place to stay.

Please see the Roraima section for details on trekking in the area. ....From the cave looking towards Roraima