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Kavanayen is a remote missionary village with a population of a few hundred. It was founded in 1942, and is named after the colourful 'cock of the rock' bird in Pemon, renowned for the male's extravagant courtship dances. The village sits on the edge of the Kamaraban ledge. There are great walks in the surrounding area and fantastic views of tepuis. The most interesting of these is probably Wei Tepuy (Sun) whose profile from the village is reminiscent of a volcano -- or even Mount Doom in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. On clear days you can see large parts of the Aprada Massive, and all the way to Auyan Tepuy to the northwest.

You can stay in rooms in the mission which are cheap, or camp on the football pitch nearby. The mission also sells crafts by the Pemon. There is also a new place to stay with about three rooms, ask in the village for these. Guadalupe's comedor is the best place for meals. There is a shop with limited supplies.Carlos :Lambos on the River Karuay

A day's walk to the west brings you to Karuay Meru, a lovely set of falls. Ask in the village for the family who have houses there, the Lambos. There are some small churuatas (thatched houses) where you can stay. They can also organise treks all the way to the Kamarata valley and Angel Falls (7 days hard slog!) or trips down the Karuay in boats to other falls or all the way to Wonken (6-7 days).

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